Grief Resources

Local Resources

Salem Funerals & Cremations encourages you to look into the following two resources if you feel as though you need further support following the funeral.

Wake Forest University Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem is one of the foremost hospitals in the country and it offers grief resources particularly for cancer-related deaths. We view these resources as excellent for anyone going through a difficult time.

Hospice is dedicated to providing quality care for children, teens, and families facing a life-threatening illness or the loss of a loved one. After the death of a loved one, hospice can help support you through managing the emotions and process of grieving. Hospice offers a camp for children and teens who have lost a loved one. You can find more information on Hospice's web site under "Camp Carousel."

We hope that these two centers can help. We also recommend any of the wonderful therapists located in the area if you feel that you or a loved one needs extended counseling. Many times, extra counseling is beneficial. It is important to recognize that everyone grieves differently. Please feel free to speak with anyone on our staff and they will be happy to assist.

Internet Resources

We want to remind you that there are many materials available online that may help but, in turn, there are many resources available that are less reputable. Please be cautious of some Internet sites; the most reputable sites will come from nationally or internationally recognized organizations and institutions. The following reputable links may be helpful.

Children & Grief - This page comes from the American Academy of Child Psychology. It discusses practical issues or considerations such as how to decide when it's appropriate to bring a child to a funeral and the signs children may display if they are having difficulty with the grieving process.

Compassion & Choices - This site offers comprehensive information about all different stages of dying and caring for the ill. It also describes different ways to help get involved and change legislation. This site also offers an impressive education section.

End of Life Care - This is Web site of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. This web site offers assistance in pre-planning, education through learning resources and professional discussions.

Willowgreen - This web site offers beautiful e-cards, advice, and resources to help you help those you love who are also grieving. Keeping in touch and staying close is considered to be one of the most beneficial types of care we can give.