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Products - Cremation

Salem Funerals & Cremations offers a wide selection of urns for burying, placing in a niche or columbarium, scattering, or memorializing.

Niche or columbarium
Niches and columbarium's are more relevant in today's world, and many churches and cemeteries have built their own columbarium for their congregation and family. Columbarium's come in many different sizes and shapes, which requires special attention during the urn selection process. Salem Funerals & Cremations will assist you in making your decision with regards to the specific size and shape of the urn.

Memorializing or for the home
Many families choose to keep their loved ones at home, and decorative urns are a wonderful way to provide a memorial piece in the home. Some urns are designed with this specific intention in mind.


Many families choose to bury their loved one. Having a physical location to visit and remember and honor the loved one offers comfort and peace of mind. Many churches today will have a designated area for burying ashes as well. It is important to recognize that some cemeteries require an urn to be in an urn vault to help with perpetual care and maintenance. Also in some cases because urns are much smaller than caskets cemeteries will allow two urns on one grave space. Salem Funerals & Cremations will help you determine what your options are based on your needs and arrangements.


Many families also choose scattering as a disposition. Cremation allows the family to scatter ashes in multiple locations at any time. If your loved one enjoyed both the beach and the mountains, this option may provide comfort to you in knowing that your loved one can join all the beauties of the earth. Families may also scatter ashes in various places that hold specific treasured memories for a number of family members. Salem Funerals & Cremations will help make your scattering ceremony a lasting memory.


A keepsake is an intimate way to keep a smaller portion of your loved one's ashes in a decorative piece that can be saved and passed down among generations. There are many options for keepsakes with many of these commemorative pieces are miniature versions on the original sized urns. You may also have your own ideas to for this purpose. Salem Funerals & Cremations will gladly discuss these many options with you.

Remembrance Jewelry
Remembrance jewelry offers a personal, intimate, and discrete manner for holding your loved one close to your heart. Your loved one's ashes can be embedded directly into personally designed jewelry, which you will keep close by.

Keepsake Jewelry
Salem Funerals & Cremations also can place small amounts of ashes in necklace pieces. These keepsakes include enduring stainless steel jewelry. Please inquire for more details.

Thumbies are a unique version of remembrance jewelry. The process is simple and meaningful. Salem Funerals & Cremations partners with Meadow-Hill to design this personalized tribute Please click on the Meadow Hill website for pricing and options or inquire with Salem Funerals & Cremations.

Diamonds commemorate many of life's most treasured moments. Memorial diamonds may be created with a lock of hair or your loved one's ashes and provide a lasting memory and dedication to your loved one. These diamonds offer a high quality, specialized form of keepsake jewelry.

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