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As cremation has become a popular disposition option, the staff at Salem Funerals & Cremations has dedicated themselves to become a skilled and knowledgeable resource for this service, as it is our belief that we must provide the highest quality of service for our community to be able to assist in the healing process. What we have learned is that there are many options as there are people in the world. With so many options, our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the process to find the service option that fits your needs and personality best.

Options include but are not limited to; memorial service, catering, reception locations, scattering ashes, providing keepsakes, thumbies, life Gem, keepsake jewelry, burial, personalized last viewing, visitation or funeral service with a rental casket. We specialize in making this home going experience a personal one, and we also try not to have limitations. Visit our Customized Services and Catering page to begin exploring customized options and please feel free to ask Salem Funerals & Cremations any questions you have encountered.

Cremation is an irreversible process and is regulated by the State of North Carolina, which provides specific guidelines by which we must operate. The first requirement is that we cannot cremate the body within 24 hours of the death of a loved one. The simple reasoning behind this guideline is that the State wants to make sure that the family is properly notified before the cremation process takes place. The second requirement is that the doctor must sign the death certificate. This is done so that the family has full disclosure on the manner of death and there is absolute clarity about continuing with the cremation.

The third requirement and policy of Salem Funerals & Cremations is the process of signing the cremation authorization. Salem Funerals & Cremations signing policy is thus; if the family member that has died has a spouse, the spouse is required to sign; if the decedents have children and no spouse, all of the children would need to sign; if there is no spouse or children the next of kin by definition of statutory law would then suffice; if the decedent doesn't have any known living next of kin, the state requires the funeral home or the informant to make proper announcement of the death to the public and wait 10 days before the cremation can occur. In some cases the decedent may be reverted back the state.

We welcome all inquiries, so please feel free to contact Salem Funerals & Cremations if you have any questions about cremation.

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