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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about funeral, cremation and cemetery services are provided below.

Changing Funeral Homes

I have a pre-arranged contract at another funeral home. Can I use Salem Funerals & Cremations at my death?
Yes, the General Statutes of North Carolina allows for a change or substitution from the original funeral establish. You may make this choice before or after death has occurred.

My parents are in a retirement home. How can I change the funeral home we designated when they entered the retirement home?
It's simple, just contact the administrative office at the retirement home and ask them to change your parent's designated funeral provider to Salem Funeral & Cremations.

General Questions

What should I do when death occurs at home?
If a death is unexpected, the most common response is to call 911, your doctor, or hospice (if in attendance). Emergency services personnel such as ambulance, firefighters or police may come to your home, and often every effort is made to revive the person or to transport them to the hospital. Sometimes the police may call a coroner, who is a medical doctor. You should feel free to ask the coroner questions about causes of death, autopsies, etc.

If the death is expected, you may wish not to call 911 since emergency services people may have to perform invasive resuscitative measures. The funeral home or hospice representative may not move the deceased until the attending physician, emergency medical team, or hospice representative pronounces death and calls the funeral home. You should feel free to call Salem Funerals & Cremations for more information.

How do I go about picking a monument or grave marker?
It's best to speak with one of our Staff members because most cemeteries or religions have specific requirements. Please contact us at 336-722-6122.

What is a disposition and how do I go about picking one?
A disposition is the choice you will make between a ground burial, mausoleum, entombment, or cremation. This is a very personal choice and is often dictated by faith or an individual's belief system. Please know that as you make this decision there will be appropriate practices and requirements for each. Contact us if you have specific questions; we will be happy to help you.

Does a will cover funeral or cremation service requests?
No. Unfortunately, most people think that they have taken care of everything by writing a will, establishing a living trust, or even purchasing their cemetery plot. A will simply leaves instructions for the handling of an individual's financial affairs, while a living trust usually only clarifies certain general wishes regarding medical treatment. The service itself needs to be planned with your funeral director.

How do I find out what government benefits are available?
To find out what social security benefits are available to you call 1-800-772-1213 or go to www.ssa.gov.  In some cases, a monetary burial allowance is available from the Veteran's Benefits Administration.  For assistance with these questions you can call 1-800-827-1000 or go to www.vba.va.gov/benefit_facts/index.htm.

Does the government assist with Veteran Benefits?
All veterans can be buried in a veteran cemetery. There are usually several veterans' cemeteries in each state. The veteran cemetery closest to Winston-Salem is in Salisbury. There is no charge for veteran funeral services. The Department of Veterans Affairs also will provide a flag and grave marker, at no charge, after the family produces the honorable discharge papers (Form: DD 214) from the government. You will find further information at the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs website: http://www.va.gov/

There is a monetary allowance for veterans who are receiving veteran's benefits for service related disabilities. We will call the Veteran's Administration to determine the individual allowance.

Are there social security benefits for the surviving spouse?
We will always file the notification of death form with the Social Security department. There is a $255.00 lump sum benefit for the surviving spouse. This notification will also shift social security payments from the deceased to the surviving spouse. The household would then receive the greater of the two social security payments but not both (only provided if the spouse works). For more information, write or visit any Social Security office, or phone the toll-free number: 1-800-772-1213. Representatives are available weekdays 7 am to 7 pm.

Cremation Questions

Do I bring clothing for a cremation?
Often families would rather identity the body of their loved one in their own clothing. State law and funeral homes require identification of the body to be cremated on our premises.

Do you need a casket for cremation?
You do not need a casket, but the state requires the use of a cremation container for the handling of the body and identification. There are various types of cremation containers, please discuss these options with your funeral director.

Obituary Information

How do I get information about obituaries?
Please refer to your local paper for examples, if you are not familiar with the format.

Are obituaries free?
No. They are billed per line of newspaper text, however; our staff will be able to help you with a general estimate. Please do not hesitate to ask us about this.

Who is responsible for the obituary notice?
You are responsible for supplying the information for the obituary notice. This can be in the form of an email or simple text. Salem Funerals & Cremations will submit the notice in all newspapers you wish and help you prepare the final edition.


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